Master Plan FAQS

commodore trail master plan

What is the Commodore Trail?
The Commodore Trail is Coconut Grove’s five-mile route for pedestrians, runners, and cyclists from Coral Gables’ Cocoplum Circle to Key Biscayne’s Rickenbacker Causeway. The Trail includes many of Coconut Grove’s signature roadways: Edgewater, Douglas Road, Main Highway, and South Bayshore Drive.

Older than Miami itself, the Trail’s route serves families, athletes, businesses, and communities by connecting them physically and emotionally to the people, histories, and futures of the Grove’s generations.

Who are the Friends of the Commodore Trail?
The Friends of the Commodore Trail strive to upgrade the Trail to become the Crown Jewel of Coconut Grove and Miami—a beautiful and identifiable community space, known to, cared for, and loved by all. Sponsoring a sustained program of design, construction, and maintenance, the Friends aspire to create a shared pedestrian-cyclist route that balances safety, access, beauty, and nature. As strong advocates for this vision, the Friends seek best-in-class design, accountability, and services to realize and sustain this goal. Your participation is an important part of this campaign. We ask that you join us.
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What type of improvements will the Master Plan address?
The Master Plan will increase the safety of walkers, runners, cyclists, and motorists sharing the Trail’s corridor by designing safe crossings and pathways that balance oft-competing needs. Design improvements will enhance and protect the Trail’s natural beauty and make its maintenance easier.

Will there be opportunities for public input?
Users of the Trail, residents, and visitors all have a voice in shaping the plan for the Commodore Trail. The Commodore Trail Master Planning process thrives on public ideas, input, reviews, and comments. The early design workshops in April and May 2022 are ideal opportunities for in-person influence. Use this link to register for information on upcoming planning events.

Why wait? You can offer suggestions right now. Click here.  (When they ask for the subject, type “Other”.)

What is the planned time frame from Plan to completion?
The first planning workshops will happen in the Spring of 2022. The initial design reviews will be in later Summer 2022. Final design reviews in late 2022. Governmental approvals of the plan in early 2023. Construction projects will be paced by funding availability. The goal of Friends of the Commodore Trail is a full Trail in 2030.

How will the Master Plan improvements be funded?
The Trail’s construction will likely be funded through an overlapping combination of federal, state, and local government funds and private foundation capital grants.   Operating program and maintenance funds will likely come from private foundations, corporate sponsors, and private benefactors.

Who are the city agencies working on the Plan?
The City of Miami’s Office of Capital Improvements manages the shared objectives of the City of Miami, Miami-Dade County’s Department of Public Works and Transportation, and the City of Coral Gables.

Who will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the Commodore Trail?
At the moment—early 2022—we don’t know. Many other similar trails in the US are maintained by private trail organizations.

How can I support this initiative?
Your individual talents, experience, and perspective are important to the Commodore Trail’s future. The Friends serves to amplify your voice and team your talents with others that care deeply about our shared future. We ask that you join us. You can sign up here.

Why should we care?
The Commodore Trail will become and remain the most uniquely identifiable man-made element of Coconut Grove. For Grovites and our guests, the Trail will be our front porch, neighborhood promenade, and five-mile-long connection between our homes, schools, parks, churches, and businesses. Long after we’re gone, the Commodore Trail will be our shared legacy to the future generations of Coconut Grove.

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